The North American Grouse Partnership

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North American Grouse Partnership!

We are a the only conservation organization that advocates for all North American grouse species and their habitats. Our strength is found in three key ares - Science, Policy, and Management. This is demonstrated by the experience and expertise of our Board of Directors and Council of Scientists and is unparalleled in grouse conservation circles. Our goal is to ensure that grouse conservation is guided by science, public policies are beneficial to grouse and that on-the-grouse management of lands lead to positive outcomes for grouse.


To help the Grouse Partnership be a key voice for North America's grouse and their habitats, there are three basic things you can give: your time, your talents and your treasures. Most of us have at least one of these to give. You can easily get started by becoming a member or making a donation.


Join or Donate now to ensure that grouse will have a positive future in North America for many generations!